Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eating Asia's Num Banh-Chok

I've always believed that food made by your own hands tastes a lot better than anything otherwise. My mom is a firm believer of handmade and hand-prepared food and she'd mention that manually prepared food is superior in terms of taste, texture and quality. Of course, she'd been handling food all her life that she can actually tell the difference. For me, it's mostly romantic. Food is much more soulful when human skin touches it and I seriously think that a metaphysical part of the person preparing the food is incorporated in the finished product.

I came across this entry from Robyn of Eating Asia and I found the whole process of making something as mundane as rice noodles utterly poetic and romantic. A bit of warning - you may find the images disturbing if you're extraordinarily squeamish and/or a stickler for food hygiene.


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