Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hibernation Over

After months of running around like a headless chicken at work and a weary week in an internet-less home, here I am, back and (hopefully) raring to put more stuff in this poor neglected blog.

It may have been quite sometime, but nothing much has changed save for some new-new stuff and new stuff from old faves:

Luxirare - she. is. amazing. I could live in her brain and swim in her creativity and eat her gorgeous food.

Eliza Frye - Still awesome as ever. Sale over at her website!

Martha Stewart - I got into her a bit late but now I understand why she's THE ultimate domestic diva.

Gastronomica Magazine - is addictive. Now if only I can find a steady supplier here in my neck of woods.

Craftzine and Makezine - My own personal wondertwins. I wish I could buy each and every issue.

Neil Gaiman's Library - W O W. Read the full feature in Shelfari.

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