Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crocheting Anxieties Away

Last year, at the height of Habagat, we got stuck at home anxiously monitoring the news and checking up on my mom who lives in a flood-prone area. So with one ear on the news and the other ear glued to my phone, I picked up my crochet hook and a ball of yarn, and started to crochet.

On the fly, I decided to crochet cozies for our drinking glasses.  The pattern I found was simple enough to almost-mindlessly crochet through, yet the finished project looked pretty enough to actually use and not relegate to the dreaded useless junk cabinet:

Having something productive to do with my hands and head, the anxiety I was feeling, the worries I had for my mom and brother's safety were crocheted away, and effectively calmed me down enough to come up with emergency and contingency plans, should my mom's house get flooded.

While Habagat went on to become one of the  most devastating storms in the last couple of years, and left most of Metro Manila submerged in floodwater, my mom, my brother and his family were thankfully spared from the flood and devastation.

Now that stormy season is here again, I think it's time I dust off my crochet hooks and get more balls of yarn.

May the storm gods be more kind to us this year.

Photo taken today. Check out the storm clouds.

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