Monday, February 9, 2015


It was a temptation I tried really hard to resist, but alas, I was weak and I knew that I would eventually give in.

While in Tokyo, I visited this electronics haven called Bic Camera. Not only do they sell cameras and accessories, they have floors dedicated to mouthwatering gadgets and other odds and ends you could think of. While looking through the printers section, my husband led me to a hidden spot and excitedly pointed to this nifty little gadget (yes, I have a very supportive husband).

Lo and behold, it was a Casio Pomrie.

A Pomrie is a small printer that makes stamps. Yes, you can create your own rubber stamps!

It has two versions - wifi and USB. I got the USB, since printing stamps wirelessly isn't something I see myself doing anyway. The tiny printer comes with a CD for the app (which I downloaded over at the Casio site anyway), an instruction manual (in Japanese), power supply and a USB cord. The box also contains a 15x15mm stamp sheet with block holder, and a bottle of black ink to start you off. Not bad for its price. I didn't think I'd find Pomrie supplies in my neck of woods, so I also stocked up on stamp sheets and blocks, refill sheets, and inks. Good thing they were on sale when we were there.

I'll post another entry when I figure out a nice stamp to print out.

In the meantime, in case you're interested in getting one, Amazon Japan sells it and I found a really neat site that explains how to order from them.

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