Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Bit Rusty

Crochet was thought to have evolved from finger lacing (or "finger crochet") made during ancient times. Although crochet's history is muddled, one can't argue how popular it has become. Every century introduced new techniques, methods and materials and today, crochet is still one of the most practiced handcrafts.

I mentioned in an earlier post that crochet is one of my favorite things to do, however, my muscle memory leaned towards the adage "use it or lose it." I totally forgot my crochet basics, so I had to consult a lot of sources (Youtube has plenty of tutorials) to refresh my memory on how to start over, and my Reader's Digest needlecraft book taught me the basic and more advanced stitches. I made some coasters as practice and we actually use them. The threads I used are absorbent and more importantly, the colors don't run. The threads are from Anchor and Coats.

colored ones coasterriffico

They look like little cogs, don't they? Hmn...that'll be a good next project.

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