Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I stumbled upon an entry about Coraline the Movie in Heather McDougal's wonderful blog, Cabinet of Wonders. I read Neil Gaiman's blog almost everyday and I can't believe I didn't visit the Coraline site until I read Heather's blog entry. The stop-motion movie is completely handmade and the publicity campaign is just brilliant. The Coraline crew sent boxes to their favorite bloggers and mind you, these are not ordinary boxes, but unique handmade boxes full of treasures. I'd give an arm and a leg for a Coraline box. Not only that, someone wrote to Neil saying that she passed by an abandoned building with walls usually full of graffiti but one morning, the wall was covered with metal keys. Upon closer inspection, she discovered that the metal keys are Coraline keys. The head of the key is a button with "" etched on it. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.
coraline key
Photo from Neil's blog, from Bibliogrrrl's Flickr page

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