Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gourdo, my Gocco

I first saw Gocco in a Flickr set of Benita Larsson, a Scandinavian designer I discovered at Apartmenttherapy. She posted a photo of her printed cards drying on the card rack and some hanging on a clothesline. I fell instantly in love with the little printing machine that could and I looked around for places I can buy the Gocco. Luckily enough, I found a distributor here in Manila (yes, here!) and I couldn't have asked for a more considerate, efficient and not to mention, well-stocked seller. When December came, my husband provided the cash to buy my Gocco, which only took an email and several text messages to process the order. Two days later, a big box arrived at my doorstep filled with Gocco goodness! Christmas for me definitely arrived early.

My Gourdo

It was after a week or so before I got to try my new gadget as I was afraid of screwing up and wasting precious supplies. I diligently studied the instruction manual, as well as other online sources and thankfully enough, my first Gocco attempt was successful!

I'm really greatful to all the online Gocco gurus for posting their generous tips, videos and instructions. For newbies in the world of Gocco, here is a list of helpful links that you can read through before using your Gocco:

1. From Etsy labs

2. My rockin' supplier

3. Great tutorial, cute felted stuff

4. Gocco homebase

5. Novelty old school video tutorial

I'm compiling my own tips and instructions -- watch out for it!

Gocco Rocks!
Gocco Rocks!


  1. I finally got to bring out my Gocco. It's only been weeks since the last print, but it felt like months. I had so much fun mixing inks and printing. Love my Gocco!

  2. I've fallen hard and fast too, Tina :) Thanks for stopping by :)