Saturday, January 10, 2009

Surfing Away

The New Year extended break had me scrounging around for things to do -- which was mostly cleaning our cluttered apartment. Aside from that, I got to trawl the interwebs for all things handmade, gawking and oohing and aahing over lovely, handmade things. Below are my top websites/resources for everything handmade:

1. Smittenkitchen - a site of all things yummy, handmade and homemade. I followed the poached egg tutorial and made a relatively passable one -- this one coming from a total egghead (hee) when it comes to poaching eggs. Excellent tutorials, photos and hilarious notes.

2. Burdastyle - My resource on everything about sewing and handmade fashion. I'm not a big sew-er, but I find the sewing tidbits really helpful and the patterns make good prints. Besides, the word "burda" is coincidentally the Filipino word for "embroidery." Sign up to access the site's full features, it's quick and free.

3. Craftzine- I love Craft magazine and most of the projects in the mag are further elaborated on the website. I'll write more about Craft in another entry. Yep, it's that good, it deserves its own entry.

4. Makezine - Make magazine is a sister mag of Craft so of course, this is a shoe-in. Make also features handmade stuff, albeit more on the industrial side. Think robots, automatons, bottle rockets, soldering irons, etc.

5. Instructables - The granddaddy of everything handmade on the internet. Here is where I watch plenty of videos, access instructions (duh) and scout for possible projects.

6. Ohjoy and Sweetpaul- for inspiration on everything beautiful and exquisite.

7. Oldschoolhandmade - need I say more? :)

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